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Kim Il Sung, a revolutionary till his last moments

English Narration From the documentary "The Year 1994 of The Great Career" Voice of Korea, 15th April 2013: Life of President Kim Il Sung The life of the great ...

2013-04-13 14:12 20,717 YouTube

Cantata to Comrade Kim Jong Il (Classical music from North Korea)

Korean title: 김정일동지께 드리는 노래 (gimjeong-ildongjikke deulineun nolae) A recomposition of the famous song "Cantata to Comrade Kim Jong Il" that ...

2014-06-18 14:23 3,395 YouTube

No Motherland Without You

Taken from "Celebration Of The 75th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Korean People's Army." tyrlop: They sing "Changun" which means General, not ...

2012-04-08 02:22 9,608 YouTube

Ode to the Party (Classical Music from North Korea)

Korean title: 당에 드리는 노래 Alternative title: Cantata to the Party Performed by the Korean State Symphony Orchestra Year of Production: 2010 The ...

2015-09-28 16:25 2,631 YouTube

We will go to Mount Paektu [Subtitles]

Korean title: 가리라 백두산으로 Japanese title: ゆこう、白頭山へ Alternative title: We will climb to Mt. Paektu Lyrics: Ri Chi Son (리지성) Composer: U Jeong Hi ...

2015-10-11 04:11 20,278 YouTube