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Arirang [Subtitles]

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Korean title: 아리랑 (경기아리랑) Japanese title: アリラン Chinese title: 阿里郎 Russian title: Ариран English Subtitles Singer: Ri Kyong Suk (리경숙) Performed by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble (보천보전자악단) Korean Element on the World Heritage List Korean folk song Arirang has been listed as an element of the world intangible cultural heritage in November last year. Arirang is a typical folk song of the Korean nation, loved and widely sung by them. The melodic and soft lyrics reflect the sentiment and soul of the Korean nation, and give a fi ne portrayal of the Korean history of the national sufferings and affectionate feelings for native places. The folk song was widely sung by the Korean people and had much local variety, such as Arirang of Northwestern Provinces, Arirang of Kangwon Province, and Arirang of Tanchon. Thanks to the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to attach importance to cultural assets of the nation and add lustre to them, the Korean folk song is fully retaining its unique features while being adapted for various genres of theatrical art, including song, orchestral music, instrumental ensemble, film music and dance. Now in the DPRK there are many variants of the song, such as Arirang of Prosperity, Arirang of Chol Pass and Arirang of Army-People Unity, which reflect the stirring reality of the times and people’s sentiment and add to the rich national emotion and optimism in the whole society. Entering the new century, Chairman Kim Jong Il saw to it that a mass gymnastics and artistic performance was created on the basis of the song, so that the history of the Korean nation was portrayed in an epic style. The namesake performance won Kim Il Sung Prize and was staged for several years, commanding admiration of the world people. The 9th session of UNESCO intergovernmental commission on intangible cultural heritage protection that was held in Paris, France, last November, deliberated on the issue of inscribing the Korean folk song Arirang on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Korean song was officially inscribed on the list by winning unanimous support of the representatives from the parties to the agreement. In an article on the news about its inscription, UNESCO introduced to the following effect: Arirang is a popular folk song that is sung on many occasions including major events and holidays as well as among families, friends and groups. As it has been recreated through verbal transmission, Arirang exists in many traditional, orchestral music and contemporary music forms. It sings of separation and reunion, sorrow and joy, and happiness mainly in soft and lyric melody. It contributes to mutual respect and peaceful social progress by further consolidating social relationship. Arirang has become famous worldwide as a symbol of the Korean folk songs. (Article by Kim Mi Ye in Pictorial Korea Nr. 712 April 2015)