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Acting classes at the Guildhall School

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The imagination is a muscle; perhaps the most important muscle in the body. Ken Rea's legendary acting classes at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama are designed to train and expand that muscle of the imagination. Although a lot of the exercises might seem wildly over-the-top, Ken stresses 'we must always be truthful. As an audience we must never see the exercise, we must never be aware of your technique. You learn your technique in order to make that invisible'. Ken also has a gift for empowering students to feel that they can create their own work. Other faculty members also teach acting; Wyn Jones teaches a technique called 'Look, Move, Speak', while Martin Connor takes students through the work of Stanislavsky and Meisner. A large part of learning about acting also takes place during various acting projects in the first and second years, and during the full-scale productions in the third year. -- View all our films about life at the Guildhall School by visiting http://www.gsmd.ac.uk and clicking on 'Tour'. -- Production credits: Harold Raitt (interviews, editor), Michael Pearce (location film director), Neil McIntyre (location sound recordist); all part of the team at http://www.seehearinteract.com / http://www.johannesfactotum.com.